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Complex income splits made easy, open and automated.

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Revenue Sharing Language (RSL) is a new, simple syntax to describe almost any kind of revenue split. RSL is a human- and machine- readable contract language, and can describe profit-shares through to multi-step pari-passu and pro-rata recoupment agreements. Learn more

example RSL agreement
screengrab of Cascade app in action

Cascade is a Javascript drag-and-drop builder to generate accurate multi-step RSL agreements. Cascade output supports all global currency position and decimal variations. Learn more

CiviSplit is a beta suite of CiviCRM extensions using Cascade and ILP to draft & lock agreements, setup a wallet with a payment provider, check balances, calculate & make royalty/recoupment/ dividend payouts and report. Learn more

screengrab of reporting in CiviSplit
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Introducing Revenue Sharing Language 1.0

In October 2022, Nicol went to New Orleans to introduce Revenue Sharing Language v1.0 at the Interledger Summit (video coming soon).

Cascade demo

Here we see Cascade generate compliant RSL from custom inputs, using Cascade Svelte. This is shown running inside CiviCRM but could be anywhere.

CiviSplit walkthru

In this public demo, Matthew creates and saves an RSL agreement, hashes it, then puts fake money in to demonstrate automated revenue sharing and reporting based on the parameters of the RSL he'd made.

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